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Frequently asked questions

Question: For what it is used Time Optimizer?

Answer: Time Optimizer is a program for calculation of planned events for 24 hours.


Question: What for I may use this program?

Answer: Time Optimizer helps to plan day precisely. As in day 24 hours and in each hour for 60 minutes, uneasy quickly and precisely to calculate hours and minutes that to have time for all business and event in the working day. Time Optimizer will help with it. Especially conveniently to use it when many events and affairs are planned for one day.


Question: How to use Time Optimizer?

Answer: Pass to Time Optimizer’s page and fill the form. In lines are entered for an example base events since 0 hours of current day: a sleep, a breakfast, a lunch, a supper and a sleep again. You can remove these events or edit them: to change the name, time of the beginning, duration. Into an empty line enter the name of event, then time of its beginning, then duration of event. The program will automatically calculate and will enter time of the beginning of following event into a next line or will specify, that you haven’t got enough time. If there is free time before the entered event, the program will add an empty line above for additional event. After filling the form click button "OK" and the program will present the plan per day which you can edit, print, copy or send by e-mail. Empty lines of the form will be noted as "Free time" in result daily plan.


Question: I see in the form of already filled lines "a sleep, a breakfast, a lunch and a supper". Whether I can remove all or a several from them?

Answer: Certainly. But it is possible to fill all over again some own planned events and then to remove the base events offered by the program.


Question: Having planned the day on a site, I would like to save this plan for myself. How it is possible?

Answer: Time Optimizer provides some variants of saving of the plan per day. After the ending of planning and pressing of button "OK" you will see final calculation. Below it is offered to send the information on one or two e-mail addresses, to print the plan. Also probably to copy result in the buffer and to save it in any text editor.


Question: If I wish to calculate not only one, but two or several days, how may make it?

Answer: Time Optimizer counts events only for a 24-hour interval. For planning next day or several days it is necessary to fill the form anew. For quick remove filled before lines just press button "Clear".

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